Curriculum Vitae for SAP S4/HANA: František Honsa

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František Honsa




Czech Technical University Prague, Faculty of  Electrical Engineering, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Theory of computers

Degree: Engineer Theory of computers  (1986)

Job Title

Manager SAP, Senior SAP Developer, Quality Assurance inspector ABAP code, Data migration expert




Automotive Industry, Home Electronic Equipment, Cellular Telephone Industry,  Telecommunication, Health Insurance, Energy Distribution, Heavy Industry – Metallurgy, Machine and Electrical Industry, Public Sector, Software development


1981 – 1986

Czech Technical University

Professional training

Feb 1997


Feb 1997

Feb 1997

Jul 1997

Nov 1998

Nov 1998

Feb 1999

Feb 1999

Feb 2000

Sep 1997


Apr 2000






BC 400 - Introduction to ABAP/4 Development Workbench

BC 410 - ABAP/4 DW Dialogue Programming

BC 420 - ABAP/4 DW Data Interfaces

BC 340 - Going Live (Core Competence)

BC 600 - SAP Business Workflow Intro

BC 601 - Build and Use SAP Business Workflow

BC 040 - R/3 System Implementation Management

BC 310 - Technical Core Competence NT/Oracle

ECO219 - SAP Business-to-Business Procurement

Universal Portable Interface (Deloitte Touche/ICS)

CrossWoldrs Software - Core Technology

ASAP - Certification course (Deloitte Touche/ICS) 

TNW100 - Development applications on platform WAS 6.40

JA300 - SAP J2EE Start-up Kit

JA310 – Java Web Dynpro

TDMS10 – Test Data Migration System





















References from


Ben Couzens, Technology Partner in Charge SAP in 17 countries, Deloitte & Touche

managed Frantisek at Deloitte&Touche


“František Honsa has extraordinary technical gifts and is highly driven, conscientious and loyal when led with the respect, care and sensitivity he deserves. There are times when Franta will quietly work through the night to personally complete a project intended for a team, and he knows only one technical standard – unequivocal excellence.” (August 29, 2006)



Robert Vlach, Business consultant and operator of the Freelance portal

coworked with Frantisek as a consultant at Apostiller


“I had the pleasure of working with Frantisek Honsa as a consultant. I can say that in every respect he is a very reliable partner who can keep his word and act with sincerity of his own. His ability to absorb new stimuli and constructive criticism is admirable. I attribute this partly to his analytical skills, partly to the personal history of a man who, even as a recognized expert, does not play with anything and is still willing to learn new things, even outside his field. I have seen several times that he is able to correctly evaluate even a very complex problem, including numerous social, temporal, interdisciplinary, technical and functional connections. ” (December 19, 2015)



Justin Clatworthy, Owner, UP and DOWN s.r.o

managed Frantisek at Deloitte&Touche


“During Frantisek's time at Deloitte he grew an outstanding reputation for technical and programming genius. He was held in high esteem not only by his colleagues in the department but also by Deloitte leaders in other countries and clients alike. His programming skills in SAP can only be described as the best.” (September 5, 2006)



Petr Popelka, Senior Project Manager, LogicaCMG

managed Frantisek at LogicaCMG

“Frantisek is an excellent programmer with superlative reputation in the team. Frantisek understands the client’s needs; he works hard to understand customer problems and knows what it takes to deliver a quality solution. He proved an ability lead the development team. He worked proactively and given me good feedback. It was a pleasure to cooperate with him. I highly recommend him for any project.” (September 8, 2006)



Pavel Kalasek, General Manager, PIKE Electronic

managed Frantisek at Pike Electronic

“Franisek worked as Chief Programmer for one of the biggest IT project in the country - IS of General Health Insurance in Czech republic. He was one of the major engine of the success, where the small SW house was able to deliver the system of such complexity under enormous time pressure. His ability to master complex structures and administrate it was exceptional. I did not find second example of that in my professional career.” (September 11, 2006)







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